Moby Dick Chapters 55-60 Questions and Answers

Herman Melville

Chapters 55-60 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. From what have most scientific drawings been done?

2. Where can the most ancient portrait of a whale be found?

3. Who have created the best pictures of whales?

4. What scene is depicted on the beggar’s board?

5. What does Ishmael imagine when he gazes at the stars?

6. What is brit?

7. What sound do right whales make when they feed?

8. What is the superstition regarding the white squid?

9. What has caused man to lose his awe of the sea?

10. Why is the whale line a danger to the whalers?

1. Most have been drawn from dead whales.

2. The oldest portrait is in a cavern-pagoda in India.

3. The French have created the most accurate pictures.

4. The scene in which the beggar lost his leg is depicted.

5. Wearing harpoons for spurs and anchors for bridle-bits, Ishmael imagines that he rides a whale through the skie.

6. Brit is a floating, yellow substance made up of minute marine organisms.

7. They make a sound like the swinging of mower’s scythes.

8. Whalemen believed that few whaleships ever beheld the great squid and returned to their ports to tell of it.

9. Man’s pride in his science has caused him to lose his awe of the oceans.

10. The whale line encompasses all the men in the boat.