Moby Dick Chapters 48-51 Questions and Answers

Herman Melville

Chapters 48-51 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Of what is Fedallah’s turban made?

2. Why was Ahab’s boat able to outrun the others?

3. What did Flask do in order to gain a better vantage from which to spot the whales who had sounded below the

4. Whose boat was separated from the Pequod for the entire night?

5. Of the mates, which one has the reputation of being most prudent?

6. What does Ishmael do after having his near death experience?

7. Why would Bildad and Peleg never have granted Ahab a whale boat of his own?

8. Why were Fedallah and his crew able to “find a place among the crew”?

9. What did Fedallah spot on his midnight watch?

10. What did Starbuck see when he looked in on Ahab?

1. Fedallah’s braided white hair coils around his head like a turban.

2. His phantom crew rowed like “five trip-hammers.”

3. Flask stood on Daggoo’s shoulders.

4. Starbuck’s boat was lost in the fog.

5. Starbuck has the reputation of being exceedingly cautious.

6. Ishmael makes out his will.

7. Captains usually didn’t get directly involved in the hunts, and Captain Ahab’s disability could put both himself and his men in unnecessary danger.

8. Fedallah and his crew had shown themselves to be able crewmen, and whalers are used to seeing all manner of men from the “nooks and ash-holes of the world.”

9. Fedallah spotted the spirit spout.

10. Starbuck saw Ahab sleeping straight up in his chair, sleet dripping from him.