Moby Dick Chapters 16-18 Questions and Answers

Herman Melville

Chapters 16-18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is the name of Queequeg’s idol?

2. What had the little god told Queequeg?

3. After what is the Pequod named?

4. What are her winches and tiller made out of?

5. Who are the owners of the Pequod?

6. What had the old squaw Tistig said of Ahab?

7. What does Ishmael find when he smashes in the door?

8. What objection does Ishmael have to Queegueg’s religion?

9. Why do Bildad and Peleg decide to sign on Queequeg?

10. What is a lay?

1. Queequeg’s idol is named Yojo.

2. Yojo told Queequeg to let Ishmael choose the ship.

3. The Pequods are an extinct tribe of Indians.

4. The Pequod’s winches and tiller are made of whale bone.

5. Two Quakers, Bildad and Peleg, are the owners.

6. Tistig predicted that Ahab would be like the vile biblical King Ahab.

7. Ishmael finds Queequeg squatting in the middle of the floor with Yojo on his head.

8. Ishmael objects to harmful, radical religious practices.

9. Queequeg proves his skill with the harpoon by hitting a small drop of tar on the water.

10. The lay is the share of the profit a seaman earns.