Moby Dick Chapters 133-135 and Epilogue Questions and Answers

Herman Melville

Chapters 133-135 and Epilogue Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What happens to Ahab’s boat during the first day?

2. How will the men be rewarded if Ahab sights the whale on the day that the whale is killed?

3. What happens to Ahab on the second day?

4. What happens to Fedallah?

5. When does Ahab see Fedallah again as predicted?

6. What are the two hearses Ahab sees before he dies?

7. How does Ahab die by hemp as predicted?

8. What happens to the Pequod and her crew?

9. What “living part of heaven” went down with the ship?

10. How did Ishmael survive?

1. Moby Dick bites Ahab’s boat in two.

2. Ten times the worth of the gold coin will be divided among the crew.

3. Ahab’s ivory leg is snapped off.

4. Fedallah is tangled in the lines and towed under.

5. Ahab sees Fedallah lashed to the flank of Moby Dick on the third day of the hunt.

6. The two hearses are Moby Dick and the Pequod.

7. A line, made of hemp, catches Ahab around the neck and he is pulled down into the sea by Moby Dick.

8. Moby Dick smashes into the ship and she sinks along with all the crew, except the men in Ahab’s boat.

9. A sea hawk was brought down with the ship.

10. Ishmael stayed afloat on Queequeg’s coffin until the Rachel picked him up.