Moby Dick Chapters 128-132 Questions and Answers

Herman Melville

Chapters 128-132 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How was the Rachel’s whaleboat lost?

2. With what horrible dilemma was Captain Gardiner faced ?

3. What did Stubb think Ahab should do regarding Gardiner’s request?

4. Why does Ahab not want to be with Pip?

5. What change has come over the Pequod’s crew?

6. Whom does Ahab entrust with the rope attached to the basket in which he is hoisted aloft?

7. What did the bird do to Ahab?

8. What do the sailors of the Delight see as the Pequod sails away?

9. What family does Ahab have back on Nantucket?

10. What promise did Starbuck’s wife make?

1. The whaleboat had harpooned Moby Dick and was towed by the whale away from the Rachel.

2. Gardiner had to decide which son to go in search of.

3. Stubb thought that the Pequod should help Gardiner.

4. Ahab is afraid Pip will soften his heart and weaken his resolve.

5. The Pequod’s men are gloomy and move about like machines.

6. Ahab gives that responsibility to Starbuck.

7. The sea hawk dived at Ahab and took his hat.

8. The sailors see the casket attached to her stern.

9. Ahab has a young wife and son.

10. Starbuck’s wife promised to take their son to a hill to watch for his father’s return every day.