Moby Dick Chapters 10-15 Questions and Answers

Herman Melville

Chapters 10-15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Queequeg share with Ishmael?

2. What pledge does Queequeg make to Ishmael?

3. What gift does Queequeg give Ishmael?

4. How does Ishmael show his friendship to Queequeg?

5. Where is Queequeg from?

6. For what purpose did Queequeg leave his native land?

7. What had Queequeg mistakenly carried on his shoulders?

8. Where do Queequeg and Ishmael go to sign onto a whaler?

9. Who insults Queequeg on the ferry ride?

10. Whom does Queequeg save from drowning?

1. Queequeg shares his pipe with Ishmael.

2. Queequeg would sacrifice his own life for Ishmael.

3. Queequeg gives Ishmael a shrunken head.

4. Ishmael joins Queequeg in his worship of the idol.

5. Queequeg is from Kokovoko.

6. Queequeg wanted to make his people happier by bringing Christian ways back to them.

7. Queequeg carried a full wheelbarrow on his shoulders.

8. Queequeg and Ishmael go to Nantucket to sign onto a whaler.

9. A bumpkin mocks Queequeg.

10. Queequeg saves the bumpkin from drowning.