Moby Dick Chapters 87-92 Summary and Analysis

Herman Melville

Chapters 87-92 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Guernseyman: first mate of the Rose-Bud

Rose-Bud: French ship with two rotting whales secured to her

Near the straits of Sunda, the Pequod is chased by Malaysian pirates whom the Pequod is able to outrun. The ship then encounters a huge herd of whales. Mid-chase, the whales become “gallied,” disoriented and swimming about in all directions. Queequeg harpoons a whale that escapes after towing the boat into a calm spot occupied by cows and their calves. The oarsmen pet them. Beneath the surface, cows nurse their young.

The whalers use a “drugg” to injure the gallied whales and slow them...

(The entire section is 614 words.)