Chapters 67-71 Summary

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On Sunday, the crew prepares a mast using a pulley system and hook a large piece of blubber onto it. The blubber is removed from the whale similar to the way the skin peels from an orange. Starbuck and Stubb are positioned on a platform just above the whale and use their sharp shovels to simultaneously cut a line in the blubber. This causes the whale to rotate in the water while the spiral-shaped blubber, known as the blanket, is lifted up and into the ship.

The body of the whale—though lacking its head—is released into the water. Meanwhile, the head is lifted partially out of the water and placed beside the ship, where Ahab addresses it and urges it to divulge any information it may have.

Another ship, the Jeroboam, approaches the Pequod, but its captain, Captain Mayhew, is unable to come aboard due to an epidemic on his ship, so he communicates with Ahab from his own small boat. One of the oarsmen on the boat is a deranged man named Gabriel, who warns Ahab about the consequences of blasphemy. As Gabriel had foretold, the chief mate of Jeroboam, Macey, was killed by Moby Dick, who Gabriel believes is his deity. Interestingly, the Pequod carried a letter for the deceased Macey, but when Ahab offers it to Gabriel, he snatches it away, stabs it with a knife, and hurls the weapon at Ahab's feet.

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