Moby Dick Chapters 67-71 Summary and Analysis

Herman Melville

Chapters 67-71 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Captain Mayhew: captain of the Jeroboam

Gabriel: crazed prophet and crewman on the Jeroboam

Macey: Jeroboam’s chief mate killed by Moby Dick

The Jeroboam: ship plagued by an epidemic

On Sunday, a pulley system is rigged to the mast and a hook is attached to a huge strip of blubber. The strip of blubber is peeled from the whale like a peel from an orange. Starbuck and Stubb stand on staging just above the whale and simultaneously cut a scarf line with their sharp shovels. The whale spins like a log in the water as the spiraled blubber, called the blanket, is hoisted up....

(The entire section is 435 words.)