Moby Dick Chapters 5-9 Summary and Analysis

Herman Melville

Chapters 5-9 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Father Mapple: pastor of the seamen’s chapel

Ishmael greets his landlord and bears no hard feelings for the joke Peter Coffin played in the matter of his bedfellow. All the boarders, mostly whalemen, gather at the table for breakfast. Although they are all adventurers, paradoxically, they are timid in the social setting. Queequeg sits at the head of the table, using his harpoon to “grapple” the steak.

After breakfast, Ishmael ventures into the streets of New Bedford where he sees all manner of people including “cannibals chatting at street corners” and hayseeds from Vermont “athirst for the glory” of whaling. Nonetheless, New...

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