Moby Dick Chapters 19-25 Summary and Analysis

Herman Melville

Chapters 19-25 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Elijah: a strange, ragged old man; a prophet of doom

Aunt Charity: Bildad’s sister

As Queequeg and Ishmael approach the Pequod, which is being made ready for its long voyage, they are accosted by Elijah, who makes many vague and unsettling innuendos about the ship and its captain, whom he calls Old Thunder.

The morning the ship is to set sail, Ishmael sees some “shadows,” which he takes to be men, boarding the boat. Elijah approaches him once again and tells him to see if he can find those sailors when he goes aboard. Although Ahab had come on the ship the night before sailing, he has remained in his cabin.


(The entire section is 425 words.)