Moby Dick Chapters 16-18 Summary and Analysis

Herman Melville

Chapters 16-18 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Yojo: Queequeg’s little god, the black idol

Captains Peleg and Bildad: Quaker Nantucketers, owners of the Pequod

Captain Ahab: captain of the Pequod

The Pequod: ship onto which Ishmael signs

Queequeg believes that Yojo has told him to have Ishmael pick out a whaling ship. While Queequeg begins his day of fasting, Ishmael chooses the Pequod. He signs on with the owners, Bildad and Peleg, who after some bickering, give Ishmael the 300th lay, his share of the profit from the whaling voyage.

When Ishmael asks to see his captain, Peleg tells him...

(The entire section is 559 words.)