Moby Dick Chapters 128-132 Summary and Analysis

Herman Melville

Chapters 128-132 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Captain Gardiner: captain of the Rachel

The Rachel: ship that has lost a whaleboat and its men

The Delight: ship that lost five men to Moby Dick

Captain Gardiner of the Rachel begs Ahab’s help in finding a whaleboat which was last seen fastened to Moby Dick. In that whaleboat is Gardiner’s 12-year-old son. Ahab refuses.

Ahab now spends all his time on deck and refuses to be in Pip’s company. Ahab fears Pip will soften his heart and divert him from his purpose. His silent companion on deck is Fedallah, who never takes his eyes off Ahab.

Afraid that his men cannot...

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