Moby Dick Chapters 122-127 Summary and Analysis

Herman Melville

Chapters 122-127 Summary and Analysis

Starbuck goes below to inform Ahab that the wind has changed to a fair wind. Outside Ahab’s cabin, Starbuck removes a loaded musket from the rack. He thinks perhaps he should kill Ahab or at least overpower him and take him prisoner. He reasons that Ahab would have killed him with that very same musket, and Ahab has no compunction about endangering the whole crew. Starbuck turns from the door and sends Stubb back down to tell Ahab about the change in wind direction.

The next morning on deck, Ahab realizes the ship is sailing west, but the compass reads east. The storm had affected the compass needles, a most unsettling omen to the superstitious sailors. To allay their fears and show them...

(The entire section is 475 words.)