Moby Dick Chapters 10-15 Summary and Analysis

Herman Melville

Chapters 10-15 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Bumpkin: mocks Queequeg on packet to Nantucket

Mr. and Mrs. Hosea Hussey: owners of the Try Pots Inn

Ishmael returns to the Spouter Inn, where he finds Queequeg turning through the pages of a book. They share a smoke from the tomahawk pipe, and Queequeg declares Ishmael a bosom friend for whom he would die. Ishmael joins Queequeg in his rites of praising the ebony idol.

Queequeg tells Ishmael of his past. The son of a high chief from Kokovoko, Queequeg was determined to learn more about Christians and to bring his knowledge back to his people to make them happier. After being picked up by a ship, he discovered that Christians...

(The entire section is 557 words.)