The Missouri Compromise

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Which statement about the Missouri Compromise is true?

a. It resulted in an unequal number of free states and slave states.
b. It allowed Missouri to become a slave state.
c. It failed to draw a line dividing free states from slave states.
d. It allowed Nebraska to be a free state

Expert Answers

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The Missouri Compromise was a very important event in our history. Slavery was already becoming an issue in the early 1800s. The North and the South tried to keep an equal balance of free state and of slaves. When Missouri wanted to join the Union, this would have created an unequal number of states. This was a big deal because there would have been two more senators in the Senate from the side that had more states.

The Missouri Compromise did several things. It allowed Missouri to join the Union as a slave state. It allowed Maine to join the Union as a free state. This would keep the number of free states and the number of slave states in balance. To prevent this discussion from occurring every time a new state would want to join the Union from the territory we got from the Louisiana Purchase, an agreement was reached that there would be no slavery allowed north of the 36°30’ line in the Louisiana Territory except for Missouri. There was no mention of Nebraska in the Missouri Compromise as the land that eventually made up the Nebraska Territory was part of the Unorganized Territory at this time.

Thus, the correct answer to your question is answer choice B. The Missouri Compromise allowed Missouri to be a slave state.

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