Mission Earth, Volume X

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Isaac Newton convinced the world that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; John Calvin instructed the human community that each individual success is most assuredly followed by a corresponding disaster. Admittedly, Voltar is not Earth, and Voltarian science makes a mockery of much that Newton discovered and Calvin divined, but it is comforting to learn that at least some of what Earth holds to be true is also valid on another world.

In MISSION EARTH, VOLUME IX: VILLAINY VICTORIOUS, J. Walter Madison not only managed to place Lombar Hisst on the imperial throne but also convinced the whole of the Voltar Confederacy that Jettero Heller was evil incarnate. Unfortunately, Madison discovers that for every public-relations push a reciprocal pull will develop, possibly nullifying the intent of the initial action, while Lombar Hisst learns, as he stands on the brink of success, that realizing and enjoying the fruits of nefarious labor seldom occur simultaneously. Not only does Jettero Heller destroy his secret desert base on Confederacy-wide television, but the intrepid officer also invades the previously impregnable confines of the imperial palace itself. In short order, Madison and Hisst are in custody, Emperor Cling the Lofty abdicates in favor of his son Mortiiy the Brilliant, and Heller finds himself appointed Viceregal Chairman of the Crown. As “Crown,” Heller must put the Confederacy back in order, dispose of the guilty parties,...

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