Mission Earth, Volume IX

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

In MISSION EARTH, VOLUME VIII: DISASTER, Jettero Heller was in the hands of the evil Delbert John Rockecenter, his plan to save Earth from ecological suicide and thereby thwart the sinister machinations of Lombar Hisst to seize the imperial throne seemingly doomed to failure. Nevertheless, Heller once again extracted victory from the jaws of defeat. In fact, insofar as Earth is concerned, things could not be better with respect to Heller’s schemes. Not only is Rockecenter dead, which places his entire financial empire in Heller’s capable hands, but Heller’s faithful ally, Babe Corleone, is also busily engaged in eliminating the traffic in illicit drugs after becoming the queenpin of the underworld. Moreover, Emperor Cling of Lofty is responding to a treatment program designed to rid him of the chemical dependency induced by Lombar Hisst on Voltar before Heller kidnapped the monarch and transported him to sanctuary on Earth.

Unfortunately for Heller, Earth, and the Voltar Confederacy, developments elsewhere begin to disrupt this favorable turn of circumstances. J. Walter Madison, a consummate opinion manipulator, manages to convince Hisst that the proper application of public-relations techniques on Voltar will enable Hisst to seize the power he so desperately craves. Furthermore, with the assistance of Teenie Whopper, a pubescent nymphomaniac who was transported to Voltar with Madison, and the unwitting, reluctant help of Soltan Gris, Hisst’s...

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