Mission Earth, Volume III

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Jettro Heller, in obedience to his instructions from the Voltar Confederacy, attempts to alert Earth of its impending ecological disaster, while Soltan Gris, in constant fear of Lombar Hisst’s vengeance, hopes to foil Heller’s mission and kill him. Unfortunately for Gris, Heller is dispatching coded messages to his superiors and thus his demise would bring about an immediate investigation. Such an investigation would undoubtedly place Hisst in jail and expose Gris to the tender mercies of an assassin sent to Earth to keep him in line. Gris must find the assassin, decipher the code so that he can send fake messages from Heller, and win the heart of Utanc, a Turkish dancing girl he fancies but who is more interested in spending his money. Gris enlists the support of Delbert J. Rockecenter, whose far-flung empire is jeopardized by Heller, as well as that of a Mafia family headed by Faustino “The Noose” Narcotici. Heller, however, is not only talented and resourceful, but also lucky. He secures the support of Narcotici’s arch enemies--The Corelone family.

This series is intended as a work of satire and, in consequence, proposes to examine and give opinions on the society and culture of the United States. L. Ron Hubbard aims his barbs at corporate America, the advertising industry, higher education, and government (local, state, national, and international), as well as at all those who take themselves and their ideas too seriously. Hubbard paints with an extremely broad brush, perhaps too broad to be wholly effective. Nonetheless, despite his relative failure in this regard, this series is a riotous and compelling adventure story which leaves the reader anticipating the next installment.