Mission Earth, Volume I

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The Voltar Confederacy, in accord with a plan of conquest devised centuries ago, proposes to use Earth as a way station for its invasion of the galaxy. The Voltarians, however, discover that the inhabitants of the planet are engaged in activities which will render Earth useless for their purposes long before they arrive. Desperate to remedy the situation, they determine to place an agent on Earth and allow him to leak information to the natives which will enable them to halt the pollution of their planet. Lonbar Hisst, head of the Voltarian secret police, has other plans, however. He intends to use the resources of Earth to finance his own seizure of the imperial throne of Voltar. To that end, Hisst arranges to supervise the Earth rescue mission in order to ensure its failure. He also assigns his subordinate, Soltan Gris, to be his Earth-based liaison and orders him to wreck the operation. Gris’s task will not be easy, because the Voltarian agent involved in the project is Jettero Heller--hero extraordinaire. Heller is possessed of talents far beyond the reach of ordinary men, and Gris is quite ordinary, except in his capacity for deceit. Gris manages to put the mission together, with Heller’s unwelcome assistance, and the two leave for Earth; their saga continues in the next volume in the series, BLACK GENESIS.

Hubbard writes in a lush, vibrant style which bristles with excitement on every page and provides a cliff-hanger at the end of each chapter.