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1. How important is May's personality to the events in Missing May?

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2. What does Missing May tell you about West Virginia?

3. Why would May and Ob want to care for Summer? After all, the rest of the family seemed to think of Summer as a burden.

4. Missing May is a novella of characterization rather than action, so most of the novella focuses on the development of the major characters. How do they change during the novella?

5. Why does Ob suddenly decide to go to the capitol in spite of his disappointment at the medium's being dead?

6. Early in the novella, Summer says, "None of Ob's whirligigs were farm animals or cartoon characters. They were The Mysteries. That's what Ob told me, and I knew just what he was talking about." Do you know what he is talking about? How are they mysteries?

7. Both May and Ob are eccentric people, but Summer loves them both. Why then is she bothered by Cletus? She says that she thinks he is "insane." Is his love of collecting things much weirder than Ob's filling a trailer with whirligigs?

8. Cletus's schoolmates seem to treat him well; they even help him find objects for his collections. Why would they be nice to him instead of mean?

9. What might happen to Summer if Ob dies?

10. What does Ob's moving his whirligigs into May garden mean?

11. Summer is very insecure. Can she lead a happy life?

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