Form and Content

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

As Missing May opens, twelve-year-old Summer recounts the events leading to her adoption by Aunt May and Uncle Ob: the death of her mother and being passed from house to house among her relatives in Ohio. Summer feels unwanted, “caged and begging,” until May and Ob visit from West Virginia when Summer is six years old and recognize her yearning to be loved. They return with her to their rundown trailer deep in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, where Summer realizes that she has come home. Although they are poor, May and Ob give Summer what she needs most: love, comfort, and acceptance.

May dies suddenly in her garden, however, when Summer is twelve, and, although Ob continues to love and care for Summer, both are lost without May. Six months later, Ob suddenly “feels” May’s spirit still hovering near them. Desperately wanting to speak once more with May, Ob calls on Cletus Underwood, Summer’s classmate. Because Cletus almost drowned when he was seven, Ob believes that he has a special connection to the spirit world and is a conduit through which May can contact them. When they are unable to communicate with May, Ob quickly falls into a deep depression, for the first time not waking on time to get Summer off to school. He confesses to Summer that he doubts he can continue to go on without May.

Cletus provides an unexpected pathway to salvation for all of them through his collection of pictures. He brings Ob a...

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