What excites Miss Brill about sitting in the park?

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Miss Brill finds it exciting to sit in the park on Sundays because she is out in the fresh air and sun, can hear the band play, can see and listen to other people, and can imagine she is a character in a play.

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Miss Brill lives in a very small room and has very little money, so she finds it exciting to get out into the sunshine and fresh air and to see other people at the park, even if she doesn't know them. She enjoys getting dressed up for her outing to the Jardins Publiques, such as by putting on her fox collar, and she likes listening to the band that plays in the park. It is a pleasure for her to watch the people passing by and see the children playing. She also likes to listen to the conversations people sitting near her have.

She finds exciting, too, the sense she has of being a character in a play that is performed every Sunday. She likes the idea that she is not just part of an audience watching what is going on, but a participant in a recurring drama.

However, there are hints all along that Miss Brill is working very hard to repress the fact that she is sad, poor, and lonely. She stops herself and changes her internal narrative every time the word sad comes rising up to her mind. For example, when the band begins to play again after a break, she starts to think there is something sad in the music, but then says to herself, "no, not sadness." Yet eventually, reality will intrude on Miss Brill's fantasy.

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