The Misanthrope

by Moliere

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Topics for Further Study

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Moliere was a key figure in seventeenth-century French drama. Learn more about other areas of French literature in the seventeenth-century, such as poetry, fiction, or nonfiction prose. Who are the key figures of the genre, and what are some of their major works? What general concerns and literary values characterize French literature of this period?

Moliere's lifetime coincided with the Baroque period in the arts. Learn more about the Baroque period in art or architecture. What specific elements characterized Baroque? Who were some of the major artists and architects of the Baroque period, and what were some of their major works or buildings?

France in the seventeenth-century was involved in important international affairs throughout Europe. Learn more about the history of Europe during this period. What major conflicts occurred between France and other European nations during this era? What major events took place in international relations among European nations?

The era of seventeenth-century Restoration theater in England was directly influenced by the French theater of Moliere. Learn more about England during the Restoration and the historical events that led to the English Restoration. List the elements that you find as being a direct influence from Moliere.

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