Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Blanche Vernon

Blanche Vernon, the central character. Divorced from Hubert “Bertie” Vernon, she is childless and in her mid-forties. Blanche, who is plain in appearance and innocent of the world’s competitive ways, questions why Bertie married her. Beneath an elegant, bookish, witty, and slightly eccentric exterior lies a lonely woman with some romantic yearnings. To please her husband, she shaped herself into what she thought he wanted, but he left her for a younger woman. She bears the divorce bravely, devises activities, develops theories about kinds of people, and categorizes herself as among the losers. When she sees the child Elinor at the hospital, she becomes obsessed. Occasionally happy, she is often secretly paralyzed by bleak loneliness.

Hubert (Bertie) Vernon

Hubert (Bertie) Vernon, the wealthy head of a real-estate firm, a graduate of Cambridge University. He is about Blanche’s age. Mistaking her petulance for passion, he fell in love with Amanda and was divorced from Blanche. He now lives with Amanda, invigorated by his new life. Hardworking, sociable, curious, unimaginative, and somewhat insensitive, yet solid and caring, he thinks in anecdotes. Blanche’s literate and witty talk makes him uncomfortable, but so does sharing a villa in Greece with Amanda.


Amanda, who is often called Mousie. She is about twenty-five years old, beautiful, spoiled, and shallow....

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