Miracles on Maple Hill

by Virginia Sorensen

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What is the message of Miracles on Maple Hill?

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The message of Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia Sorensen is that people can find hope and healing in the natural world, in community, and in acts of self-sacrificial love. Marly and her family learn this lesson throughout the novel, as do their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Chris.

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The message of Virginia Sorensen's Miracles on Maple Hill is that healing and hope come through community, nature, and self-sacrificial love.

When Marly's father returns from the war, he is a broken man. He has been robbed of his hope by his experiences in a POW camp, and he suffers from depression and exhaustion. The family moves to the country in an attempt to find healing for Father, and they settle in Maple Hill, where they can be away from the bustle and isolation of the city and close to nature and other people.

Marly's father's health and mental state improve dramatically even after a short time at Maple Hill. The family gets to spend plenty of time outdoors, learning how to care for maple trees and appreciating the beauty surrounding them. The family decides to remain in Maple Hill permanently.

After that decision, they grow even closer to their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Chris, who own a maple syrup business. In Maple Hill, neighbors form a true community, joining together to help whenever anyone is in need. When Mr. Chris has a heart attack right at the time when the maple sugar needs to be gathered, Marly and her family, including her father, step up to take care of things. They collect the sap, boil it down, and make the syrup, giving of their time, their work, and themselves to help Mr. and Mrs. Chris, and they help save the business, because their maple syrup is just right.

They have learned to work together and sacrifice themselves out of love for others. Mr. Chris finds healing in this act of love, as does Marly's father. Marly herself discovers that miracles are everywhere in nature and in people's unity and love for one another.

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