Miracle Cure

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

In Michael Palmer’s MIRACLE CURE, Brian Holbrook hoped for a career in professional football, but a sports injury ended his dream. He went on to become a brilliant surgeon, but the painkillers he had become addicted to eventually cost him his career and family. Having disappointed his father, Jack, twice, Brian’s relationship with his surviving parent is strained. His recovery ongoing, Brian attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings with his sponsor, Freeman Sharpe, and works as a bouncer and at a rental car company. Although he has cleaned up his act, the reinstatement of his medical license seems remote.

When Jack collapses with chest pains in a restaurant, Brian accompanies the ambulance to Boston Heart Institute, a premier cardiology hospital. There he meets Phil Gianatasio, an old friend. When Brian saves the life of one of Phil’s heart patients, detecting a rare, unusual condition, he is offered a second chance at Boston Heart.

When Brian learns of the wonderful new drug, Vasclear, that is undergoing double-blind trials at the hospital, he is desperate to get his father on it. Because Jack already had bypass surgery, he is not eligible for the study. Taking a chance with his new opportunity, Brian steals the drug from the hospital and administers it to his father.

Incidents at the hospital cause Brian to grow suspicious of Vasclear, which is not helping Jack. Eventually Jack dies before surgery can save him, and Brian, racked with guilt, is determined to expose the truth about Vasclear before it gets FDA approval and is prescribed to millions worldwide. Soon Brian is embroiled in a romance with the FDA investigator assigned to Vasclear and running for his life from determined killers.