Other Literary Forms

(Literary Essentials: Great Poems of the World)
0111225097-Pavlovic.jpg Miodrag Pavlović (Courtesy of Language Studies Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science) Published by Salem Press, Inc.

Miodrag Pavlović has published two books of short stories, Most bez obala (1956; a bridge without shores) and Bitni ljudi: Price sa Uskrsnjeg ostrva (1995; fundamental folk), and two books of short plays, Igre bezimenih (1963; the plays of the nameless), and Koraci u podzemlju: Scensko prikazanje u dva dela (1991; steps in the underworld). Although his stories and plays are not nearly as successful as his poetry, they illuminate his approach to other genres. More important are his essays on various aspects of literature in general and of Serbian and Yugoslav literature in particular; these are contained in Rokovi poezije (1958; the realm of poetry), Osam pesnika (1964; eight poets), and Poetika modernog (1978; modern poetry). Equally important is Pavlović’s work on several anthologies, one of which, Antologija srpskog pesništva, XIII-XX vek (1964; an anthology of Serbian poetry, eighteenth to twentieth centuries), has continued to provoke animated discussion. He has also edited anthologies of Serbian lyric folk poetry, modern English poetry, and the poetry of European Romanticism. Finally, he has translated extensively from classical and modern literatures, especially German, English, French, and Italian.