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[Time of Trial, Time of Hope: The Negro in America, 1919–1941, by Milton Meltzer and August Meier is a] quite good description of the many problems and the few victories of the Negro people in the United States in the years between the first and second world wars. The authors write with authority and sympathy in a straightforward style…. The book considers political, economic, cultural, agricultural, educational, and other problems; the sections on the depression and on the organization of the CIO are particularly good…. (pp. 112-13)

Zena Sutherland, in her review of "Time of Trial, Time of Hope: The Negro in America, 1919–1941," in Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (reprinted by permission of The University of Chicago Press; copyright 1967 by The University of Chicago), Vol. 20, No. 7, March, 1967, pp. 112-13.

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