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[Time of Trial, Time of Hope: The Negro in America, 1919–1941] begins with the return of Negro soldiers from World War I and ends with the threatened march on Washington in 1941 that culminated in the first Fair Employment Practices Commission fought for by A. Philip Randolph. It's the rare book of history that points out the problems of American Negroes in those years: problems of economic survival, court injustice, lynchings. Here are the bare facts, presented clearly and objectively without mincing of words.

A review of "Time of Trial, Time of Hope: The Negro in America, 1919–1941," in Publishers Weekly (reprinted from the August 22, 1966 issue of Publishers Weekly, published by R. R. Bowker Company; copyright © 1966 by R. R. Bowker Company), Vol. 190, No. 8, August 22, 1966, p. 106.

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