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Paul M. Angle

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[In "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?: The Great Depression 1929–1933"], Mr. Meltzer is concerned primarily with the crash of 1929 and its effect, in the next four years, on the people most directly concerned: farmers, workingmen, miners, Negroes and small merchants…. The book has a directness and an immediacy beyond [Mr. Robert Goldston's "The Great Depression: The United States in the Thirties"], although one man writes as well as the other. And that is very well indeed….

Both are supposed to have been written for young people, but neither is beneath the notice of adults.

Paul M. Angle, "The Crash, and After," in Book World—Chicago Tribune (© 1969 Postrib Corp.; reprinted by permission of Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post), May 4, 1969, p. 22.∗

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