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Hoyt W. Fuller

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In Langston Hughes, the impressive new biography of the poet by Milton Meltzer, emphasis rightly is placed on the apparent simplicity of the man. The poet's countless friends and acquaintances knew him as an unassuming, unfailingly good-humored fellow, entirely without pretense, and his acts of kindness and generosity to aspiring young writers are legendary.

The enigma of Langston Hughes (for there remains one) is not raised for the speculation of the reader. From the always interesting events of the poet's life as recorded in this very readable book, one can move without nagging questions to the varied pleasures of the poet's works.

Hoyt W. Fuller, in his review of "Langston Hughes: A Biography," in Book World—The Washington Post (© 1969 Postrib Corp.; reprinted by permission of Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post), February 2, 1969, p. 12.

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