The Mill on the Floss Book 6, Chapter 8 Summary

George Eliot

Book 6, Chapter 8 Summary

Lucy has informed Philip that Tom wants to regain ownership of the family mill. Knowing that this was Mr. Tulliver’s dying wish, Philip believes his efforts in returning the mill to Tom and Maggie will win him favor with the brother and sister. So Philip devises a plan.

First Philip invites his father to his painting studio. First Mr. Wakem looks at the many landscape pictures, commenting on the quality of his son’s art. Then in a far corner Mr. Wakem notices two portraits. One is a small drawing of a young girl. The other is a much larger piece of a young woman. He asks his son who the models are. Philip explains they are the same person, Maggie Tulliver.

Mr. Wakem’s face reddens as he turns to face...

(The entire section is 601 words.)