The Mill on the Floss Book 6, Chapter 11 Summary

George Eliot

Book 6, Chapter 11 Summary

Before moving to the coast to begin her new job, Maggie stays with her father’s sister, Mrs. Moss. Maggie is outside playing with her small cousins when Mrs. Moss calls out that someone is riding up the lane. Maggie looks up and recognizes Stephan riding fast toward the house on a tall bay horse. When her aunt asks who the man is, Maggie says he is her cousin Lucy’s intended.

As soon as he is near enough, Stephan jumps off his horse and asks to see Maggie in private because he has a very personal message to deliver. Then he asks Maggie to walk with him. Maggie recognizes an annoyed look on his face and wonders what is wrong.

Neither of them says a word until they are out into the lane. Finally Maggie...

(The entire section is 571 words.)