The Mill on the Floss Book 5, Chapter 7 Summary

George Eliot

Book 5, Chapter 7 Summary

At the meeting between Mr. Tulliver and his creditors, Mr. Tulliver takes a drink. This is unusual for the man, and most believe the action is a sign that the sudden surprise of his fortune is too much for Tulliver’s frail health. However, as the meeting progresses, Tulliver appears to gain strength and confidence. Before the meeting is concluded, Tulliver makes a speech in which he asserts his “honest principles” and compares them to those of the “rascal” who would rather see him put down. He has triumphed in spite of the attempts of some people who wanted to see him fail. He has worked hard, and through his efforts and those of his “good” son, he has prevailed.

Mr. Deane adds a few words about the fine...

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