The Mill on the Floss Book 3, Chapter 7 Summary

George Eliot

Book 3, Chapter 7 Summary

While Mr. Tulliver’s health slowly improves, his lot in life quickly deteriorates. First the furnishings of the Tulliver’s home were bought by strangers; now the livestock are being made ready to be put up for sale. Following this will be the auction of the family’s house and mill. Although Mrs. Tulliver and Tom and Maggie are well aware of what is going on around them, Mr. Tulliver appears stuck in the first stages of his predicament. During his few, irregular moments of clarity, Mr. Tulliver talks to his wife about his plans to save their home upon his feeling better. Mr. Tulliver cannot yet imagine how deep his troubles have grown.

Mrs. Tulliver and her children have not lost all hope of something working in...

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