The Mill on the Floss Book 3, Chapter 5 Summary

George Eliot

Book 3, Chapter 5 Summary

Tom reflects on his Uncle Deane’s business success and concludes that if anyone can advise him on finding a job, it is this uncle. So the next day, Tom heads out to St. Ogg’s to visit his uncle. Unlike Maggie, Tom does not feel angry toward his aunts and uncles for not being more generous. He understands that his family cannot demand money from their relatives when his father had not properly taken care of the family’s business. He does not think other people are obliged to make his life easy. Therefore, he will not ask anyone to help him except to give him work and pay him for his labors.

Tom knows his uncles’ histories. Uncle Glegg and Uncle Deane had once been very poor. If they could make money, he can, too....

(The entire section is 540 words.)