The Mill on the Floss Book 2, Chapter 7 Summary

George Eliot

Book 2, Chapter 7 Summary

Tom is sixteen and has completed his fifth “half-year” at King’s Lorton. Maggie has been enrolled at Miss Firniss’s boarding school and enjoying her classes with Lucy as a companion, and she never fails to ask about Philip in her letters to her brother. Tom continues to find Philip a very ill-tempered boy. When the holidays come and Maggie has the chance to visit Tom at school, she conveniently forgets her promise to Philip that she will kiss him every time she sees him. Maggie realizes that she made that promise when she was still an innocent child. Now that she is a budding young woman, she knows kissing a man would be inappropriate, so she avoids it. When Mr. Wakem, Philip’s father, is called on to represent Pivart in...

(The entire section is 509 words.)