The Mill on the Floss Book 1, Chapter 6 Summary

George Eliot

Book 1, Chapter 6 Summary

Maggie's aunts are due to visit as it is Easter week, and they have been invited to dinner. Mr. Tulliver is not looking forward to the visit much more than his children are. Mrs. Tulliver is more tolerant of her sisters because she hopes that her children will be remembered when her sisters write their wills. It is obvious that Mrs. Tulliver's sisters have more money than she does. With this in mind, Mrs. Tulliver is worried about the way her children will act when the aunts arrive. She tells Mr. Tulliver that Maggie always acts ten times more mischievously in the presence of Glegg and Pullet. Even Tom does not like his mother's sisters, but Mrs. Tulliver is more forgiving of her son, since it is more befitting for a boy to feel...

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