The Mill on the Floss Book 1, Chapter 12 Summary

George Eliot

Book 1, Chapter 12 Summary

This chapter focuses on the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Glegg, who live in the quaint town of St. Ogg. At the time of the story, the narrator declares, ignorance is often honored over knowledge, and the common belief among men is that women prefer spreading gossip over reading a good book. This information is provided as an introduction to the mind of Mrs. Glegg.

The Gleggs live in a house that features two parlors; they give Mrs. Glegg a view from both the front and the back of her home. Mrs. Glegg often stands before the parlors' windows to "observe the weakness" of others. Her observations lead Mrs. Glegg to give thanks for her own exceptionally strong mind.

From the back windows, Mrs. Glegg tends to watch her...

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