The Mill on the Floss Book 1, Chapter 11 Summary

George Eliot

Book 1, Chapter 11 Summary

Maggie has given up hope of living happily with her family. Instead of walking toward home, she chooses the opposite direction. Her goal is to find a band of gypsies and run away with them. If she does, her brother will never see her again, which would serve him right for all the cruelties he has laid on her in recent weeks. Living with the gypsies is not a new concept for Maggie. She has been teased most of her life about looking and acting like a gypsy, so why not join them. Among them she might find a kindred spirit.

As she walks away from the Pullet farm, she sees two raggedly dressed men walking toward her. She is slightly concerned about them, as they make her realize this is the first time she has been so far...

(The entire section is 629 words.)