Chapters 40-45 Summary

Chapters 40-44: "Then"

When Misha awakens, his head is ringing, and he finds himself lying in a ditch in a puddle of water. There is a gash on his arm where the dog had grabbed him, and his ear is a "crusty lump." As he looks around, he realizes that the trains are gone; the Stawki Station is empty. Plagued by dizziness and slipping in and out of consciousness, Misha makes his way down the tracks, staggering and falling repeatedly. After a while, he encounters a young boy, who gives him some water, and asks where he is going. Misha pulls out his soiled armband with the blue star upon it and replies that he is "going to the ovens...where Janina is."

Misha wanders onward in a daze, eating...

(The entire section is 792 words.)