Chapters 31-34 Summary

Chapters 31-34: "Winter"

On one of his visits to the Jackboot hotel, Misha is surprised to see Uri, dressed in fine clothes and busily emptying ashtrays into a trash can in the lobby. He calls out to his friend, but Uri does not respond. A short time later, Misha is snatched in one of the hallways and hustled into a dark room. Uri angrily tells the boy that he has a job in the hotel laundry and that Misha should never come to see him at the establishment again. Uri then flings Misha unceremoniously out of the room and closes the door.

Outside, as he makes his rounds, Misha is surprised that Janina, for once, is nowhere to be seen. When he slips back into the ghetto, he finally finds her,...

(The entire section is 766 words.)