Chapters 25-27 Summary

Chapters 25-27: "Summer"

The long months of deprivation in the ghetto have taken their toll on Janina. She no longer wears bows in her hair or socks on her feet, and her shoes are muddy scraps. Janina cries a lot and is prone to fits of temper. She frequently demands unreasonably that her mother make her favorite food, pickled eggs, but Mrs. Milgrom remains unresponsive on the mattress, facing the wall.

On their nightly forays out of the ghetto to search for food and smuggle it back in from the other side, Misha simply squeezes through the two-brick-wide hole in the wall, but the other boys must find alternate means of escape. Kuba uses thick coats to cover the barbed wire atop the wall, and...

(The entire section is 766 words.)