Chapters 22-24 Summary

Chapters 22-24: "Spring"

By defying Uncle Shepsel and accepting Misha into the family, Mr. Milgrom gives the young boy a new identity. Deep down, Misha has always known that the tale of his Gypsy background, as bestowed upon him by Uri, is only a fantasy. Misha Pilsudski is now Misha Milgrom, and the only evidence of his past life is the yellow stone he still wears around his neck. Something deep within him tells Misha that this is the one part of Uri's story that is true: the yellow stone had been given to him by his father.

Although he sleeps at the Milgrom's apartment on occasion, Misha still spends most of his time with the band of homeless boys. Every night, they are all involved in the...

(The entire section is 719 words.)