Chapters 15-17 Summary

Chapters 15-17: "Autumn"

The Jews of Warsaw are confined to a ghetto the following autumn. Misha watches as a horde of solemn victims wearing white armbands with blue stars pass by in unearthly silence, while behind them, there is cheering and the sound of breaking glass. As the Jews leave their homes, other citizens rush in greedily to claim their abandoned dwellings. Unaware of the seriousness of the situation, Misha joins the melancholy throng. He tries to strike up a conversation with some of the exiles, but they are afraid of him because he wears no armband, and thus must not be a Jew.

Marching with the crowd, Misha sees the orphans, who are singing under Doctor Korczak's direction as...

(The entire section is 759 words.)