Chapters 12-14 Summary

Chapters 12-14: "Winter" (continued)

Misha continues to bring the coals he has scavenged to both the orphanage and to Janina's house. After a while, the gifts that Janina is in the habit of leaving for him on her back porch cease to appear. Worried, Misha impetuously knocks on the door on one occasion, hoping to see the little girl, but to his surprise, a Jackboot holding a stein of beer answers. The Jackboot asks Misha if he is a Jew, and Misha asserts that he is not; he is a Gypsy. The Jackboot slaps Misha and pours the contents of his stein over the boy's head. In retaliation, Misha pounds the insolent soldier's foot hard with the sack of coal he has brought and runs for his life.

At the...

(The entire section is 671 words.)