Mildred D. Taylor

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Phyllis J. Fogelman

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

"A natural writer" is an overused expression I don't particularly like, but in speaking of Mildred Taylor it seems absolutely appropriate. Mildred's words flow smoothly, effortlessly, it seems, and they abound in richness, harmony, and rhythm. Her stories unfold in a full, leisurely way, well suited to and evocative of her Southern settings. Her ability to bring her characters to life and to involve her readers is remarkable. In short, Mildred is one of the few people of whom I have felt: This woman was born to write. (pp. 410-11)

Phyllis J. Fogelman, "Mildred D. Taylor," in The Horn Book Magazine (copyright © 1977 by the Horn Book, Inc., Boston), Vol. LIII, No. 4, August, 1977, pp. 410-14.