Mikhail Sholokhov Other literary forms

Other literary forms

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Mikhail Sholokhov (SHAWL-eh-kawf) published collections of short stories, Donskiye rasskazy and Lazorevaya Step, in 1926. In 1931, Lazorevaya Step was expanded to include Donskiye rasskazy and was translated in 1961 as Tales from the Don. His short stories form volume 1 of his complete works, Sobranie sochinenii (1956-1960; Collected Works in Eight Volumes, 1984), which were first published in Moscow in eight volumes; war stories and essays form volume 8. They also are available in English as One Man’s Destiny, and Other Stories, Articles, and Sketches, 1923-1963 (1967) and At the Bidding of the Heart: Essays, Sketches, Speeches, Papers (1973).