Mikhail Lermontov Poetry: World Poets Analysis - Essay

Mikhail Lermontov Poetry: World Poets Analysis

(World Poets and Poetry)

The hallmark of Mikhail Lermontov’s mature verse—a fine balance between the intensity of the poet’s emotion and the controlled language he uses to express it—took several years to achieve. In his early work, Lermontov did not check his desire to convey his feelings directly, and his verse seems raw and effusive, often hyberbolic and unformed. He wrote hundreds of poems as an adolescent, and he later recognized their immaturity, for he refused to publish them with his subsequent work. They would appear only after his death.

Early poetry

A study of the early poetry reveals Lermontov’s aggressive absorption of the work of other writers. Imagery, phrases, and individual lines are taken whole...

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