Miguel de Cervantes World Literature Analysis - Essay

Miguel de Cervantes World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

The strongest and most immediate impression one gets from most of Cervantes’ work is his unique gift for humor, especially for burlesque, but also for irony. Besides The Voyage to Parnassus and some of the interludes, there is that kind of humor in Don Quixote: the dubbing of Don Quixote as a knight, the tournament at the duke’s, the marvels such as the talking head and the enchanted bark, the visit of Altisidora to Hell. There is also burlesque of literary conventions: “sonnets, epigrams, or eulogies . . . bear[ing] the names of grave and entitled personages” that are “commonly found at the beginning of books”; the citation of authorities; segments in the pastoral and picaresque modes; sonnets and...

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